From generation to generation with a strong sense of modernization and ENVIRONMENTAL CARE.

After WWII the late Textile Engineer Frank Raquet Hosey came from the United States to Uruguay.

Passionate about the wool fibre and motivated by its promising development in Uruguayan soils, Frank begun producing wool tops in 1951 after having found Engraw Export and Import Co S.A. in 1946.

We process Uruguayan mulesing-free wool, produced by healthy sheep and following the best animal husbandry practices available. Our company is pioneer in our country in the use of wind power and we are proud to say that our mill runs almost completely (94%) on renewable energy. Moreover, we treat all effluents in order to protect our environment.

When you choose to work with us, you are choosing a company that combines the experience and tradition of a family business with the flexibility and dynamism of a modern endeavour. Federico Raquet, Managing Director of Engraw S.A.

Blanco Real Type

It offers a special type of wooltop that guarantees a regular low content of dark and coloured fibres which excels in the production of pastel shades.

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The possibility of offering our clients Superwash wooltop at our production plant is directly translated into lower logistics costs for our clients’ companies.

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Why are Engraw’s Wool Tops the best allies for your Company? 

Mulesing free wool

The natural development of all farm animals is guaranteed by our country's farming methods.
This creates the perfect habitat for the animal to live a stress-free life and fully develop, and grants the obtained mulesing-free wool, with extraordinary length and fibre resistance, resulting high quality wool tops.

Good Animal Practices

Most uruguayan Growers follow a “Good Animal Practices” guide to ensure that sheep live free from stress and in their natural conditions. The wool we process in our facilities is the result of natural and mulesing free raised sheep and the work of thousands of growers in Uruguay that care about the environment and animal welfare just like you!

Animal Genetics

The Uruguay Wool Secretariat has the sole objective of continuously improving: animal genetics, better practices in flock managing regarding new technologies, technical support for new and old producers and shearing conditions.

Green Wool Tops Quality Certificate

We developed our own quality certificate ensuring that the final product cares for the sheep welfare, were no mulesing practices were performed, contemplating the animals’ well-being, and also the environment; thus offering a high quality product that the final customer can trace to know the origin and story behind what he or she purchased.

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