“The Company has been built clinging to the belief that any business must be 100% integrated into its community and its workers

We firmly believe that companies should behave ethically while contributing to an improvement in the quality of life of both their workforce and the community they are involved in.

In ENGRAW S.A. we are deeply committed to the town of Fray Marcos and the families that have lived here since our company was founded. It is due to this that we have achieved a solid relationship of great respect, trust and friendship we are so proud of.

Here is Myriam. She has been part of Engraw’s History for more than 30 years.
Luis Daniel has been with us since 1987. Now he proudly works side by side with his son Santiago Daniel since 2016.

More than a company,
we firmly believe ENGRAW is a family.

Family traditions and spirit have perpetuated our business throughout the years, and this is reflected on the fact that 90 % of our personnel has been working with us for more than 20 years and approximately 15 % has at least one relative working at the company.

Some of the contributions our company has made for the community:

Financial support for our personnel for the construction of their homes.

Creation of a Health and Security Department to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees.

Donations for the Pérez Scremini Foundation that aids childrens with cancer.

Donations to the “Club de abuelos de Fray Marcos” (Grandparents Club of Fray Marcos).

Donations to the Sports Club of Fray Marcos.

School donations (particularly for the repair of the school ceiling).

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