We specialize in the production of high quality wool tops processed by combining the latest technological equipment, decades of experience and genuine love for the wool fibre.

Each product is the result of a careful selection of wools, hard work and dedication, as we aim to provide our customers with specifically customised tops.

The diameter range of our wool top production goes from 17.5 micron to 34.0 micron. We process wool from corriedale, merino and polworth breeds, which are the predominant ones in our country. All the wool in Uruguay is harvested by using the latest shearing, mulesing free, practices in order to get a clean fleece and provide a stress-free environment for the flock when sheared.

Another very important product we offer is Hercosett treated wool tops. These are manufactured in the same facility where our normal wooltops are produced, which avoids any extra logistic costs for our clients.

We offer this treatment and the process achieves the results necessary for the wool to be suited for tumble dry and machine wash. We control shrinkage by following norm TM31.

Our production is based
on five different qualities of tops:

Our Types Description
Blanco Real Type Premium Type / 100% Selected Fleeces / Good Colour and Lenght / Low Dark & Coloured Fibre Content / Suitable for Pastel Shades
Solis Super Type / 100% Fleeces - Good Colour and Lenght
Positos Standard Type / Traditional Uruguayan Type
Magenta Super/Good Super Type / Slightly Creamier Colour
Other Types Grey and Brown Coloured Tops / High Crimp / High Felting Tops
Superwash Treatmen It can be performed in any of the above mentioned types


One of the many aspects we value the most about the wool top process is that there is no waste.

The entire fleece is harnessed, which means that the entire wool fibre is destined for the creation of various products.


Noils are the short fibre left from the combing wool that is usually used in the production of felt.

Noils Types
Type 2563 Noils 18/19 micron
Type 2564 Noils 20/21 micron
Type 2565 Noils 21/22 micron
Type 2566 Noils 23/24 micron
Type 2567 Noils 25/27 micron
Type 2575 Noils 28/30 micron
Burrwaste Dusted Burrwaste. Fine (Up to 23.9 microns) or normal (24 and coarser).

Wool grease

Wool grease is a natural product extracted from the waste water of the wool washing process.

Our production capacity consist of 400 tonnes a year.

Scoured Types

Short wools (pieces and bellies) usually used in worsted carding.

Scoured Types
21/22 micron Scoured Pieces & Bellies VM Max 1.5%
23/24 micron Scoured Pieces & Bellies VM Max 1.5%
26/28 micron Scoured Pieces & Bellies VM Max 1.5%
20/22 micron Scoured Lamb VM Max 0.5%
24/25 micron Scoured Lamb VM Max 0.5%

Blanco Real Type

It offers a special type of wooltop that guarantees a regular low content of dark and coloured fibres which excels in the production of pastel shades.

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The possibility of offering our clients Superwash wooltop at our production plant is directly translated into lower logistics costs for our clients’ companies.

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The process since the wool is harvest till it reaches the final consumer holds relevant information of the animal, its surrounding habitat as well as of the people involved.

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What we wear can make positive difference to our environment!

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When you choose to work with us, you are choosing a company that combines the experience and tradition of a family business with the flexibility and dynamism of a modern endeavour. Federico Raquet, Managing Director of Engraw S.A.

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