Pioneers in Uruguay in the use of Wind Power.

We have installed two Vestas 1.8 MW wind turbines, generating the electricity needed for our entire production. Therefore, we can assert that our mills run using 94% of renewable energy.

The fact that our mill is located in a rural area outside of Montevideo and is surrounded by 100 hectares of forested land has enabled us to install a modern effluent treatment plant. All the factory liquid and solid effluents are treated to meet the high standards demanded by government authorities.

Moreover, in ENGRAW S.A we hold great responsibility regarding the amount of CO2 we release into the environment. We have planted 5,000 trees in the land close to the effluent treatment ponds that are irrigated by the effluent treated waters from the mill. Therefore, they not only contribute to the recycling process of the water but also consume harmful CO2 from the air. In the future, these same trees will become a power source for the mill’s boiler, which is exclusively fed with wood, also a renewable source of energy.

Engraw Energy Matrix by source

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