Mission & Vision

To differentiate among the wool industry due to the service we offer our customers, always paying close attention to detail and assuring total transparency and trust. To stand out for the passion that we have towards wool fibre and to elaborate optimum quality products, always addressing each one of our client's specific needs.

To fully integrate into the Fray Marcos community, where our employees live, and to constantly search for new strategies in order to preserve our environment.

To aim to a continuous improvement of our products and services, beginning every day with an open mind to new ideas, and thus combining the experience of 65 years in the wool business with the freshness of a new endeavour.

To try to attain the new challenges that we take on every day, always taking care of the attributes of this beautiful fibre with which we work on a daily basis and respecting the work of all the growers that trust us with their products.

When you choose to work with us, you are choosing a company that combines the experience and tradition of a family business with the flexibility and dynamism of a modern endeavour. Federico Raquet, Managing Director of Engraw S.A.

Passion and Commitment

HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY: towards our clients, employees and suppliers.

LOYALTY: towards our employees, suppliers and clients.

CONSTANT QUALITY: adapting the product to our clients’ requirements at the lowest price.

RESPONSIBLE USE OF RESOURCES: taking care of the environment, always aiming to employ environmentally friendly resources, and efficiently exploiting natural resources.

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