Our Premium product,
perfected over the years.

More than 25 years ago, ENGRAW S.A. started to perform trials with specific farm lots in order to investigate the incidence of dark and coloured fibres in uruguayan wools.

We aimed to determine and separate the percentage of dark and coloured fibres of genetic origin from those resulting from shearings. Our objective was to offer a special type of wool top that could guarantee a regular low content of these fibres and therefore be suitable for the production of pastel shades.

Finally, after many trials and research , we were able to obtain this special type of wool top, which we named Blanco Real type. We have been selling this product for more than 20 years now, achieving great results and acceptance from our customers.

Generally speaking, apart from the low content of black and coloured fibres, all spinners appreciate the strong resistance and good length of this type of wool, which enables them to increase significantly the speed and efficiency at their spinning mills.

These exceptional results are mainly based on:

  • The establishment of highly improved shearing conditions.
  • The selection of farm lots with good genetic origins regarding dark fibre content.
  • The thorough inspection of greasy wool input into our mill.
  • The thorough selection of fleeces prior to scouring.
  • The deep skirting of these wools.

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